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Saturday, September 15, 2007

KT Tunstall - I Want You Back  

Wowza. I love this. The messing up at the beginning is charming, too.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

i am not funny.  

went home to omaha recently and, through a series of delusions of financial security, upgraded both ways to first class. it was a delightful little indulgance and, i reasoned, i'm totally worth it.

i don't like flying. it's not that i'm afraid of the flying. it's that i don't like people. masses of humanity make me feel uncomfortable and aloof in ways that i don't usually.

also, i figured it'd help with the lines and the waiting. it did. it also made up for the fact that you cannot get a direct flight to omaha from here. it was nice.

i flew out on the day of the flaming car thing in scottland so...the security line was painful, even for us priveledged first class passengers.

i was relieved on the way home that my little hometown airport still had little hometown security lines...maybe 20 people deep at most.

i went through the whole usual thing: laptop out, no change, shoes removed.

you know that thing that happens when you walk through the metal detector? the guy kind of holds out his hand, saying 'not yet'...then waves you through?

i'll blame my first class giddiness, but there was something about standing before that archway...waiting for the go-ahead...

i just. i um, i don't know...i guess i (totally non-chalantly), um....lept (?) through the detector? pranced? bounced?

i didn't even realize i'd done it till the grim faced TSA guy stopped me and said, "go back".


"go back"

i didn't hear the thing go off, but i'm an obedient and goodly citizen.

"just walk through normal"


"so, no leaping?"

"no, you can't dance through"


i just hope there are no baddies reading this neglected blog...they might find out the secret secret to messing up the magnetism of the magnetizer.

leaping is not allowed. and it is especially not funny.

not in omaha.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


i've just purchased


did that work? did the link work?

regardless, i love these bags. they help to quell the guilt of my consumerism. and, um they're cute. and, um, i'm a sucker for whatever the cute hipster blog girls say.

it is why i bought the boy an me a mac laptop.

sucker for good advertising. and the pandering to a gril who wished she was a little mor environmentally aware...

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

I don't even remember how to do this  

I guess I've got to look into the old html business (that I never really truly understood in the first place)

Let's see. Linking. Good lord how did I used to do that?

I've got the mental retention of, of...something that doesn't hold stuff very well.

Swiss cheese is apt but overused. The mental retention of...a palsied monkey? Gosh that's grim. Of...of...a may fly?

Goldfish? Prom dress?

Boy. Rustier than I thought.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007


this old thing.

i found my old page from a link.

i kind of miss you.


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Sunday, January 29, 2006


lots of stuff swimming around in my head that i want to share, but:

my computer is very ill (i'm writing from the boy's laptop right now).
i've been avoiding taking the computer to the shop because i've not quite come to terms with what is the likely outcome. you see, i'm afraid i've learned that terrible terrible lesson that most of us learn at some point: i didn't back-up my shit.

yes, friends, that means wedding pictures. that means my entire music library. (i'm pretty sure there's some fancy reverse way to get these off of my ipod, but i'm really afraid to try it right now). i opened it up, praying it was just the fan or something but, alas, it is indeed the hard drive that is making that horrible noise.

totally could have taken it into the shop the last two weekends, but i have not.

i realized that is the way i deal with a lot of things. i haven't been to a physician (save the two times i've seen my neurologist to get my prescription refilled) in over five years. i haven't been to a dentist in longer than i will say. i don't take my car into the shop till it stops working (which it has, actually...it's been in the parking lot for alomost four weeks now). i even put off making contact with friends and family, who i think of often but can't manage to pick up the phone/pen.

procrastination station. that's why i named this blog after one of my biggest procrastinations, all those years ago. (you'll notice that i've been done with the dissertation for a few years and haven't changed the name of this blog)

ah well, i'm going to go sigh at the dirty dishes and glare at my laundry.

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

for a better new year...  

i was apparently standing* in the self-help section of the bus the other night. i'm completely nosey and check out what others are reading and, if it is loud enough, what they are listening to. within the three rows of seats i had nosey-nose access to:

- bookish looking lady (40's?) on page 74 of "feng shui guide to love and romance"
- woman, my age, 2 Corinthians
- woman, younger than me, page 6 of "Alcoholics Anonymous"; chapter - Bill's Story
- asian lady, 60ish years old, listening to "under the bridge" by the red hot chili peppers

*is it weird that i still kind of like standing on the bus? especially on the #12 which goes up a super-duper steep hill for most of the way...i love seeing the varied business people, catholic school kids with wet hair, and morning beer bums...all standing in the aisle, feet braced and leaning into the hill.

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