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Saturday, January 07, 2006

for a better new year...  

i was apparently standing* in the self-help section of the bus the other night. i'm completely nosey and check out what others are reading and, if it is loud enough, what they are listening to. within the three rows of seats i had nosey-nose access to:

- bookish looking lady (40's?) on page 74 of "feng shui guide to love and romance"
- woman, my age, 2 Corinthians
- woman, younger than me, page 6 of "Alcoholics Anonymous"; chapter - Bill's Story
- asian lady, 60ish years old, listening to "under the bridge" by the red hot chili peppers

*is it weird that i still kind of like standing on the bus? especially on the #12 which goes up a super-duper steep hill for most of the way...i love seeing the varied business people, catholic school kids with wet hair, and morning beer bums...all standing in the aisle, feet braced and leaning into the hill.

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