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Sunday, September 04, 2005


the show went really well. sold out overflowing people sitting on the floor and in the aisles. we were super nervous and the tech guy seriously acted as if we'd never rehearsed the opening with him at least ten times last tuesday. the urge to kill immediately before a show is not usually a good sign for me.

the way i know it was a good show was that, although i have my usual show amnesia, little goofy quotes keep popping in my head:

"there's dessert somewhere, too"
"mom, do we have any rice krispies?"
"yeah, honey, do you want some?"
"no, i just want to count them"
"no, i like retards"
"jimmy has prepared a little speech for you"
"its okay, the baby's probly gonna die anyways"

and, one of the coolest parts of an already cool evening:

the couple who sat in front of us at the the sarah vowell, dave eggers, daniel handler (lemony snicket), mike doughty extravaganza fundraiser for 826 Seattle, recognized me as they were sitting down and not only wanted to buy one of our t-shirts, but said they really loved the show and couldn't stop talking about it...

that's some cool shit.

*the fundraiser musician's were deathcab for cutie under the guise of "transatlantic Oochestra"...strange and wonderful surprise.

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