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Sunday, August 21, 2005

That's Doctor Dummy to you  

in my house, we have 'culinary probation'.

it is a status i historically have handed out to the boy when he does such things as overwork hamburgers and/or omaha steaks with so much worcestershire that it is unrecognizable or that one time when he set the kitchen on fire.

i might have gotten a little cocky.

tonight, i made a spaghetti pie (with gluten free pasta). a simple simple casserole with more cheese in it than i'd ever admit to anyone about to consume it. it is great and easy and is even better the second day.

it's one of those dishes that has to sit for a few minutes to 'set up' after cooking. i made a big/minor boo boo in setting the already cooked casserole on top of a burner that had been accidentally left on high for a few minutes. you know, to cool...

when i smelled the burny smell, i thought it was just the neighbors with their grilling-ness. it took me a few minutes to register that the burning was coming from my very own kitchen.

it was mostly ruined.

it had a big burner shaped circle on the bottom and was bubbling up black smoke.

so, i, in my infinite educated culinary genius, decided i could save some of the delicious dish by cooling it down a bit.

i, um.

i, ah...

i filled the sink with a little bit of water to set the dish in.

it exploded right about the time i realized what a dumb idea that was.

no injuries. the only casualties were my blue casserole pan and my pride.

the boy said that i'm not on culinary probation.

i'm fired.

(the upside is that i won't have to cook for a while, i don't think...)

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