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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

blah dee blah blah  

i've not posted lately because the only things i seem to be able to tolerate lately (beyond working and saving ears daily) is working out and making my way methodically through the entire buffy series.

how come i missed this the first time around? we were really missing out.

it's campy delightfulness and i'm worried about what the boy and i'll do when we make our way through them all. we are already on the second disc of the last season. terrifying.

i've got to stop getting invested in these dern series that capture my imagination and leave me feeling like i need grief counseling when they are done. i have no patience for regular television with commericials and things. even the idea of getting tivo offers little solace...

i do love so much the wine induced planning that occasionally occurs on my porch with my boy. last friday, after a wine tasting and dinner and more wine, the boy and i had cast our version of the buffy musical to be put up in town (yes, if you know me and live in seattle and are reading this, you were cast in a kick-ass part). it seemed much less feasible in the morning, but that hasn't stopped both of us from listening to the soundtrack in our cars all week. it still glimmers as a distant lovely project.

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