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Saturday, July 16, 2005


i feel completely humbled by the wonderful day i had yesterday.

i DID have to go to work, which DID suck, because friday's are always crazy busy with patients.

and the "birthday committee" that usually reminds staff of birthdays (everyone brings a card and one person is to bring a treat, etc.) forgot about mine completely and totally. once the mistake was realized...they scrambled. by lunch, i was sitting in front of a table full of gluten-free delights and teriyaki and ALL of the office's holiday decorations (christmas, valentines day, st patricks day, and easter) were up. it was great.

then my amazing boy came through with a CAKE!!! a bonafide chocolate chocolate chocolate cake from a BAKERY! with ice cream! and it didn't suck or taste like dry mush! it was great, actually. and and and, i got a spa day and some of those incredible bose headphones. i am consistently spoiled by him.

then my amazing friends came out to have drinks with me (we are going to make beautiful arty theater together). i'm honored to know so many wonderful smart funny people.

a good day all around.

and then there's harry potter this morning. i swear i'm not checking the mailbox every 20 minutes. honest. i'm not.

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