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Friday, July 22, 2005


when driving home the other day, a local radio station was, for some reason, playing "Stairway to Gilligan". if you've not heard this, it is the theme song from gilligan's island, to the tune of stairway to heaven.

it was cute enough.

but it did get me thinking about me as a kid watching gilligan's island reruns*.

even at a very very young age, i remember being acutely aware that i was more of a mary anne than a ginger. isn't that funny?

(i love remembering my own 5 year old psyche)

*did they change all of the rerun(ed) theme songs to the modified one that said "the professor and mary ann" rather than "and the rest"? i know that they did that but my only recollection (this was in the 1970's mind you) of the song is the changed version...

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