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Saturday, June 04, 2005

whaa happened?  

so, i guess i'll start writing again. (how's that for enthusiasm?)

funny what brought me back... i was doing some random google search, looking for some random quote, and it turns out i wrote about it forever ago...here. i read through one cached page of this site and i didn't recognize the writing style or even some of the life events as my own. it was a little unnerving. i suppose i was startled into trying this again.

i'll have to change the site name, maybe, as the dissertation is long since shelved and my maiden name on the binding sounds foreign already. maybe i'll keep the site name. it still sums up the spirit of my deep and unending procrastination (example: full and awful awful disclosure...i never finished writing thank you notes for our wedding...gulp).

i probably just would have poked my head out for a just one little second (just like kaiser soze!) had it not been for Rob's welcome back. Thanks kindly, sir... i'll give it another go.

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