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Thursday, June 23, 2005

sad but true.  

i completely geeked out today in front of a nine year old patient and his mom today.

i saw he had harry potter book V in his hands in the waiting room...and i, before introducing myself as dr j, fell all over myself spastically blurting, " are you reading book five again so that you can be ready on july 16th?!?! me too! for the third time! who do you think the half-blood prince will be?"

mom and son paused. mom politely smiled. son said in the most bored, waaaay too cool for school voice, "uh, i have no idea".

no matter how many fancy degrees i get, how much stage time i log, how many decades i have witnessed...i can still be shamed by nine year old boys. they will always be cooler than me....

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