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Sunday, June 05, 2005

OnStar Fear Commercials  

You've all seen the OnStar commercials with the actual recordings, right? I always thought those were kind of interesting. Kind of like reality television for commericials. I could appreciate them.

Now, perhaps you've seen their new fear/guilt campaign that has little kids asking questions of their parents straight to the camera, essentially suggesting that their parents are putting them in danger if they don't have OnStar. "you wouldn't do that, would you?"

I've read a few things in the blog world making fun of these commercials but I'm surprised no one has latched on to the one line that literally made me drop my food and fall on the floor laughing. The handsome, pleading children asking "who is going to help us when..." listing off various common things like keys locked in car, breakdown, even a car accident.....

but then but then but then (and this is an actual quote) a kid looks in the camera and says:

"Who is going to help when my mom's car is carjacked...with my little brother inside?"


indeed. who is going to help us?

have you seen this? i've only caught it twice, both times i was watching tv alone without witnesses.

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