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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Minneapolis makes me hot...  

literally. seattle has made me so thin skinned that i can't tolerate heat of any kind.

i'm here for a work related thing. actually, i just got back from my very first focus group. this consisted of six audiologists who dispense hearing aids being quizzed by a room full of software engineers and developers, taking frantic notes on all we said. occasionally, one of us would say something or make a suggestion, and the guy heading up the software development said to the lady taking notes, "did you get, that?"

each time one of us came up with something that was different from what was already in the software...you could feel the software guys behind us tense up a bit...because they knew how much work these "little tweaks" would translate into. made me feel bad for them and their deadlines.

but, as they say...if you don't want to know, don't ask.

anyway, i was just shuttled back to the hotel "to freshen up" before the "reception". the "reception" will involve "liquoring up" the "audiologists" in order to get "secret information" about their clinics.

any kind of socializing with sales reps is usually strained anyway...but socializing with sales reps from a company who's products you stopped using several years ago because it fell way behind it's competitors...it just might make me vomit into my gin and tonic.

my sales rep comes complete with questionable breath and a flash of chest-hair poking out the top of his unbuttoned, company emroidered golf-shirt.

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