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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

update: because i pretty much suck at posting but i'm the new queen of invitation making  

the only thing better than hand-addressing 80 wedding invitations is to do it all twice! the original envelopes promptly fell apart as we were stuffing them. that was cool.

our response cards give you real options:
__we'll be there!
__we have to be there.
__we cannot attend.
__who are you people?

we decided that we will send an invitation to anyone that either mother insists must be invited and not fight it. we just plain don't have the will to fight it. however, my feeling is, the "__who are you people? " selection will and should be checked on several of the response cards...in earnest.

spray mount is messy.

using spray mount on little skeleton leaves is very messy.

i still have glue in my hair.

unrelated to invitations: men don't make passes at women who wear glasses. mostly because their depth perception is completely thrown off and they stumble into walls and have a popeye-worthy bump on their head from bending over into the counter top.

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