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Sunday, September 21, 2003


i've been a busy girl. but, true to my style, i've also started procrastinating posting. i think about something great to write and then i put it off. and then i forget it. i also don't have internet at work. and i'm always at work. or rehearsal. or stuck in traffic on the 520 bridge.

we have started to get replies back from the wedding invitations. i'm a little bit afraid because, so far, everyone is saying that they are coming. and, um, there were some invitations that we sent out that were more, like, courtesy invites. yeah, well, they are pretty much all coming. we will likely have to rent more chairs.

so far, the only folks that have told us they cannot come were our two friends we had asked like a thousand years ago to be readers in the ceremony. so, that sucked. luckily, we've got lotsa actor friends that will step up (i hope).

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