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Friday, August 22, 2003

our future happiness depends on it...  

we went to a department store to register. we already had some fun at target months ago with the zappy gun. target was nice, they leave you alone to select three wall clocks and two camp lights and don't scoff at your silver choice.

the department store lady actually referred to our guests as "your buying group" and confided to us that we should really put a good six or seven items in the "above $150 group" because "some people will want to buy you a big present because they love you and some people will want to buy you a big present because, whether they have money or not, they want to make you think they have money".

she also was suggesting that, if we didn't register for "nice" china or big ugly serving spoons that won't fit in the drawer right, we would really regret it at some point down the line. as if, should we throw the thanksgiving dinner of a lifetime, our guests will be forced to spoon out their gravy with their hands. i guess i always assumed that all this training and education we are getting ourselves would allow us jobs that pay us money to buy a big spoon somewhere down the line should we need it.

this particular department store also has "bridal support hotlines"*. i'm going to be needing those.

* the woman pretended not to notice our giggling fit at mention of this...

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