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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Anxiety. At night. In full color. And 3-D.  

After deciding that lying in bed for two hours awake, eyes wide open and breathing kind of funny was not getting me anywhere, I got up and made this list:

To Do (really freaking soon):
Dress Alteration
Buy Rings
Make/buy something for my freaking head
Hairdresser appointment?
Rehearsal dinner (is this all done?)
Reserve Hotel Rooms
Talk with DJ about extra hour and songs and microphones
Find officient
Invitations: (Deadline)
-Get Addresses!!!
-Paper Store
-Photo Booth
-Design with map and RSVP card
Mail Photography contract
Mail Catering Contract
Order Tables from City Museum
Get contract from Bob Rocca specifying types of booze, prices, set up/tear down, cups? (coffee, vs wine/beer), trash cans, uniforms, spending limit, how is it kept track of (by bottle or glass?), ideas on space for flow and ceremony?
Flowers – work with mom on boutonnières
Place order with 2GRoses.com for bouquets
Buy plane tickets – for October 18/19/20 through 26/27/28
Shower? – get date and buy plane ticket
Fix registry for Famous Barr or Dillards or something
Table centerpieces – lanterns and candles? Fall leaves?
Email Bridesmaids regarding dress specs (Kara & Maureen)
The boy’s Suit
Email/Contact each Groomsman to help find rental suit, if needed.

Elope Elope Elope!!!

God this sucks. Should be joyous but it just isn't. I'm not even being a freak about it, because I know it will be beautiful and lovely and a good time. I just plain don't have the time to do all of this. Okay, so the procrastination monster has got to me again, but this time, I'm dealing with rigid schedules and restrictions so my whole "working better under pressure" thing is not going to cut it.

The boy has been helping lots but has not read any of those damn bridal books so is operating completely off of what I am able to express to him in hurried cell phone calls and lunch break (downs).

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