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Monday, July 07, 2003


We went to the zoo yesterday and I acquired the foot blister quota for the both of us...cause, you know, i'm nice like that.

It was really great to have the boy around because he has an almost eerie ability to spot animals in their habitat. While I stand unseeing and slack-jawed, fogging up a window in the reptile house, not quite four inches from the enormous yellow bellied snake of doooom, he can spot the leaf-like luna moth under a bush in the butterfly house. He's good.

Have you ever been to a butterfly house? This was pretty amazing. My first instinct of, "oh god oh god oh god oh god, pleeaaase don't land on me" went away fairly quickly and was almost disappointed when we left that the butterfly herder didn't have to use her little feather duster on me before exited the net doors. There was one species that had not been seen for days that landed on some guy's hat, so everyone gathered around and stared at the back of his head for awhile.

He appeared only mildly uncomfortable with this. I think he'll have good luck all week.

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