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Tuesday, July 15, 2003


Sorry for the complete lack of posts but I've just not had time lately what with rehearsal and work and the extra hours wasted with my new improved crazy angry shouting clenched commute.

Also, I've not had much to say.

The most interesting thing I've pondered lately is how the heck my friend Jennifer (who grew up on the West coast) knew that the way you play "ice cream man" was to turn your big wheel upside down and crank the pedals with your hands. I thought that was just something my "special neighborhood" in Virginia did. Why is this one of those universal play things when it makes absolutely no sense at all?

Upside-down three wheel vehicle=ice cream making?!?!?

We discussed this phenomenon after the obligatory conversation about TrapperKeepers (I had a puffy one with rainbows and a unicorn) and M*A*S*H (she used spirals to determine the magic number which would tell your fortune, i used dots) ("tell me when to stop!")


ALSO, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Yay! I get to get in my car and drive to work, then work, then drive to an old folks home and give a class about hearing loss, then drive back to work, then work, then drive home! Yay!

I'm actually happy about the teaching of the class thing, I just hope that the senior center is one that grows happy old folks rather than grumpy crotchety ones. My mom told me I should make them sing happy birthday to me.

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