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Thursday, July 17, 2003


MS is an auto-immune disorder in which the body attacks its own central nervous system. It eats away at the covering around the nerve and then, in some cases, right into the nerve.

When I had my brain MRI that diagnosed MS, it showed that I had at least three other episodes of this previously in my life, without any obvious symptoms. The only reason I had symptoms when I did is because that lesion was in my spinal cord, not my brain. The spinal cord is so tightly packed with nerves that a teeny tiny issue can cause a bunch of problems. but the brain is set up so that a large issue often goes unnoticed (this is why you sometimes hear of people having grapefruit sized masses in their head without knowing about it...)

Why am I talking about this? Well, I think that the only problem I've had since my original diagnosis is that my ability to use keys of any type without looking and thinking about which key to use has been impaired. I just think that the "key" portion of my brain has been chomped on. More than just a few times it has taken me a second to realize that I'm trying to open my apartment with my office or car or mailbox key. I swear I never used to have to think about this. Automatic key knowledge...don't take it for granted.

Well, if this is the only part of my brain that has been eaten in 2 1/2 years of MS-dom, I'm doing pretty freaking well. I'm okay with that.

It can stop there, though.

Well, no wait, if I have to sacrifice another part of my brain, it could be that part that holds the memory of me projectile vomiting in Paddington station in London.

And the part that knows all the words to that one Britney Spears song. Yeah.

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