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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

It's funny...  

but i'm really glad i got so many comments yesterday about the absurdity of the whole catering quote thing. i think you get so caught up the 'the land of all things ungodly expensive' when you are trying to wedding plan (ie. the whole thing where it's suddenly okay to buy a poofy polyester dress with flowers that are glued on for $1500). i need to be reminded that this is not normal. and it's not okay for me to throw my hands up and say, 'oh well, i guess this is how it is done.'

i'm also glad for all the other harry potter comments. i am now only marginally ashamed to say that the boy and i lay awake in bed last night and, after talking about new character name's for the boy's idea for a cash cow book in the spirit of rowling's stuff, our conversation when something like this:

boy: (after several moments of silence) I miss Harry.
me: yeah, me too. (sigh)
boy: (sigh) well, good night.
me: yeah.

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