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Friday, July 18, 2003


just when i think i'm feeling and acting particularly grown-up, i find myself at the checkout counter of the 7-11 uncrumpling a wad of one dollar bills to buy exactly:

one bottle cheap white wine
two bags of skittles
two score bars
one hershey's dark chocolate
one very large slurpee (half blue raspberry, half coke)

thank heaven for 7-11


for my birthday, the boy got me a wireless network thingy for the laptop so i can blog and waste time in the living room or on the porch. yay! i'm writing this from the laptop right now but i cannot seem to get it to work in any other room but the office where the desktop is...even though it says it should reach like, 300 feet or something.

i have to say that the excitement of wireless access is lessened quite a bit when you are sitting only two feet from your desktop computer. hmm.

i know that some of you folks are computer geniuses out there...what am i doing wrong?

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