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Friday, July 25, 2003

Eeek. busy busy.  

Four shows in three days. It sounds more impressive than it is, but still makes me nervous about not getting anything "done" this weekend.

We really must start planning our wedding. We only have a place and a dress. And well, nothing else. This makes me nervous but I've fallen into the same old procrastination mode in which my priorities get all turned around and suddenly watching big brother three times a week is highly important. This is not like the dissertation, though, because wedding vendors challenge every cell in my frugal body. By the time I'm ready to put a deposit down, I've half convinced myself that I can do it myself. Much cheaper.

So far I will be making my own veil and tiara, arranging my own flowers (shipped from here). The boy is making something for the tables/decorations and, because he is a lighting designer, i'm sure it will involve electricity and homemade wiring.

And yes, I have thought about attempting to make a gluten free wedding cake. And yes, one of my bridesmaids is now "reverend natalie", you know, "just in case" the officient tries to stiff us. And yes, because one of my widely acknowledged talents is that thing where you take a photo of yourself and another at arms length, i might just try being the damn photographer, too.

That, and I've found myself daydreaming for more than a few minutes at a time about winning the lottery so we could pay someone else to plan our wedding.

Okay. Whining over. Come to my shows:

"The Yellow Wallpaper"
Mae West Fest
ComWorks, South Lake Union, Seattle
Friday at 9pm, Saturday at 12:45pm, Sunday at 6pm

Improv with the Spolin Players
Northwest Actor's Studio
11th and Pine, Seattle
10pm Saturday night.

Full bar at both venues. Beer.

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