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Monday, June 30, 2003

some stuff:  

i'm probably the last of the superhyper harry potter fans to finish the book. finished it yesterday. now i am in withdrawal. i tried to read the lemony snicket books i bought a while back but cannot get into it. when some one "appeared" during the first book, i read "apperated". i am a dork.


we got our first wedding reception cost quote. it was not pretty. he said they like to 'mix it up a bit' because the city museum is so cool. their idea of mixing it up involves a mashed potato bar, a grilled cheese bar, and ham sandwiches. now, i'm just being bitter, but jeez, it's nearly $9000 for them to bring in some tables and chairs and serve mashed potatoes, ham sandwiches and grilled cheese?

now, i LOVE LOVE LOVE mashed potatoes, but serving them in a martini glass does not increase their value. i'm sorry.

and if your idea of being conscious of the fact that i don't eat gluten is to put a little asterisk by all the menu items that contain wheat (and you missed a few) and the only thing left is the steamed squash (guh), the mashed potatoes and the chocolate covered strawberries, you will need to try harder.


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