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Friday, June 27, 2003

girly girl  

there have been times in my life where i've felt particularly strong and un-girly.

worked in a wood shop, worked in a factory, lifted stuff, wore boots, drank beer.

yesterday, i became acutely aware of how girly i've become when i passed a female trucker, my age, unloading her stuff at the loading dock of the grocery store. i was wearing heels, carrying a latte and a fruit plate.

also during the commute, when i passed (or actually sat next to for many many minutes, motionless) the business vehicle for "student painters" which held lots of equipment and a girl, painty from a days work. i was on my cell phone, complaining to the boy for the second of three calls, and rationing my snack sized snickers bar.

also, i turned into a big complaining baby when i could not for the life of me steer or move my sea kayak last weekend. my companions were doing fine, and even reported 'enjoying' their experience.

i actually gasped (softly) when i broke a nail the other day. i'm looking into buying a hair dryer. i need to buy more high heels and pantyhose.

this is worse than i suspected. now, pardon me, but i really must go iron something. wish i had some starch.

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