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Saturday, June 07, 2003


Without the boy around this weekend, I thought I'd be doing all sorts of productive and/or creative and/or indulgent things. I'm pretty much doing the same stuff I'd have done with him here (errands, movies, junk food), just with less joy and bigger portions.


Guys and Dolls was on tonight and I just watched the whole thing. I'm pretty sure that the solution to my most recent object of procrastination (wedding planning) is to have a double wedding with someone else. It's not so important that it be in Times Square, but it's more like someone else just does all the planning and the boy and I sneak in there and get wed with them. We'd even go second (unlike Sarah Brown and Sky Masterson...they went first and poor Miss Adelaide had been waiting 14 years for that day...that was just tacky).

I think it could work.

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