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Thursday, June 12, 2003

And it continues...(a trend! yaay)  

Me: So,did they figure out what was the cause of all your dizziness last year?
Patient: Oh, yes! I had a severe B12 deficiency!
Me: Oh, I bet you are feeling a lot better now!
Patient: Yes! You know, I was just glad it wasn't M.S. (makes that one gesture of relief, you know the one)
Me: Yeah....yeah.

This happened yesterday.

I guess I didn't realize how bad off I am. Here I am, working a 50 hour week, getting stuck in traffic, going to rehearsal, going to shows, going bowling, avoiding my wedding planning, writing papers, giving talks about hearing loss to local groups, and eating waaaay too much crispy tofu from Moon Temple.

But I guess I really should just be in bed.

(the bitter posts will stop as soon as i go a day without someone saying something awful without me being able to tell them how awful they are)

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