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Monday, May 26, 2003

riff raff  

with all my new-found guilt-free weekend-time, i'm trying to get us out in the fresh air. we've been sitting inside too much for the last, oh say, year or so.

this weekend, i was thinking we'd try and get out of town. like last minute camping or something. this was downsized to a day trip to the mountains because we had to take care of a friend's diabetic cat (insulin twice a day, it's worse than having children).

then we decided to waste away Saturday by being grumpy with each other. yeah, that was cool.

so that left Sunday. i was determined.

i provided the boy with several options and he chose the two-hour boat tour of lake union and lake washington. it was pretty cool overall. we got there early to get good seats on the bow of the boat. then, when we approached the crown jewel of lake washington, bill gates' house, everyone thought it'd be okay to just come and stand in front of us and gawk. i mean, we put in the time to get primo gawking seats and they, in all their rudeness, gawked in front of us.

we felt kind of dirty for taking pictures. the crowds of other riff raff standing in front of us also taking pictures made us feel even more dirty. the boy wanted to erase the pictures but i wouldn't let him. mostly because i didn't want to forget the back of this guy's head. it was my view for the last 45 minutes of the tour.

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