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Sunday, May 11, 2003

May Day Project (aka my life is boring and there's no denying it now...)  

"over one day in may 2003, people all over the world took a photograph an hour to illustrate a day in their life"

here goes:

9 am- my alarm clock is always furry and complaining on the weekends

10 - checking email. monkey toes.

11 - the boy and i went for a walk. we saw flowers as big as your head.

noon - stopping for refreshments. three major coffee chains within half a block. the one with the blueberry smoothy won out

1 pm - now that i'm not a student, i have time to enjoy a good car wash. with colored foam.

2 - shopping for dinner while the boy is in a meeting at school

3 - eating the marshmellows intended for baking rice crispy treats

4 - exorcising the demons. i threw away all of my wedding magazines. i feel lighter now.

5 - spring cleaning for the boy involves checking each pen to see if it works. he's a detail guy.

6 - after two of our friends were victims of identity theft, we bought a shredder. it's also good for destroying evidence.

7- leisurely prepping the salmon for dinner

7:30 - and a salad

8 - it was yummy. the boy told me so (he did the happy food dance)

9 - lucy stood guard

10 - and we fell asleep watching movies

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