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Friday, May 23, 2003

Good, Bad, Ooogy  

Good: a patient requesting specifically to see me and telling everyone in the waiting room how much i've helped her

Bad: migraines at work, especially when the last patient of the day is a kiddo with strong lungs and a talent for turning bright bright bright red who missed his afternoon nap just to see me

Oogy: ear wax in general. this is something that i've gotten over, mostly. when it's in the ear, no problem. when it's on a hearing aid and i'm wearing gloves, no problem. when removing it, and it comes out in one big chunk and it smells bad...it's a problem and, yes, i'm leaving the room not to check on your insurance coverage but to go dry heave out in the hallway and collect myself. (i said oogy. i warned you.)

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