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Thursday, May 15, 2003

a few things.  

- Pistachio nuts are worth the trouble.

- My mom was right (as usual) about the whole "paint your nails twice a week with this stuff" thing. My hands are killer right now.

- The spread-y toed relief that I get when I take off my high heels after work is almost worth wearing them in the first place. Almost.

- I forgot how much of a socially-retarded shy person I am when I start a job. And how sensitive I get. ("the secretaries didn't ask if i wanted to come eat lunch with them"...i sit alone in one of the exam rooms with my rice noodles...singing to myself "no dogs allowed" from that one snoopy cartoon).

- I was grateful to the one secretary who talks to me and doesn't call me doctor. She came and told me today, before my last patient, to NOT shake his hand because he'd been sitting in the waiting room picking his nose. I like her. Of course, she is retiring in a week.

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