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Sunday, April 20, 2003

Square and unGroovy  

I drive a really cute car. I bought it 5 years ago...back before I became a student again and had a real job.

I did a bunch of research on what kind of car would be reliable, efficient, and affordable. Oh, yes, and yellow.

All my research went out the window when I saw my car. Blinded by all of its yellow goodness. I'm pretty sure I got screwed on the price.

I brought the boy along to play 'bad cop' and well, when he wasn't grinning ear to ear at the prospects of a new car, he was laughing behind the salesguy's back.

I'm pretty sure that I got a bad deal because, after I made my offer, the guy said "Yes!"...immediately. There was no negotiating. No, "let me talk to my manager". No bringing in the "closer".

I didn't care. I owned a great car.

I still love it. It still makes me kind of giggle when I see it.

It DOES NOT, however, make me cool. It tries, but I thwart it at every turn.

The kid at the drive through the other day said "oh, wow. is that a GTI?"

Me: um...yes. but it's not a V6

Kid: but it IS a GTI

Me: yep

Kid: those are great racing cars.

Me: heh, yeah. not mine. it's all dirty and needs an oil change and stuff. I HAVE seen them all tricked out though

Kid: right......how fast you drive it?

Me: oh, not. not not not.

Kid: okay, here's your taco.

Whoa? Hmmm? "I HAVE seen them all tricked out". Who the hell was that dork?

I don't say things like "tricked out". I'm pretty sure that's not even what they call it. I know better than to just throw out some phrase I heard while channel surfing.

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