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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Little Stressors:  

I've got a job interview today at 11:00

I tried to buy a suit yesterday for said job interview. It went badly. People without jobs need interview suits but should not buy them. I did not. I mostly wandered slackjawed around a stupid mall. Suits are both ugly and expensive. And they make me look like a football player. My shoulders were raised in Nebraska and they need no extra padding, thank you.

I keep thinking about the guy who taught my 4 hour HIV/AIDS education class yesterday. He is the longest living person with full blown AIDS in the state of Washington. He contracted HIV in 1983 when he was a mortician and did an autopsy on an infected dead body. Only two years ago, in the progressive city of Seattle, he almost died from a hang nail. A resultant blood infection nearly reached his heart before he could find someone who would treat him. He went to three different hospitals.

The rain is starting to get to me a little bit.

I'm sore from the gym. When I scratch my nose, I've got to bring my head down to my hand.

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