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Sunday, April 13, 2003

Hairstyle by MacGyver  

Last night, while walking from the car to a dinner party, I managed to completely destroy the perfectly pinned proportionately poofy hairstyle I'd carefully constructed the hour before we left.

I don't do my hair, as a rule, because it's usually too...too...upsetting.

I tried this thing last night. It was very complicated. It involved an inverted barrette and FOUR bobby pins. This was some advanced hair styling, for real.

Well, it promptly fell apart right before we got to the party. I usually would have said 'screw it' and taken the whole thing down and just look like i always look, but the whole reason for the complicated mess was to camouflage a very bad case of pony-tail crimp. It just wouldn't do. But there was no mirror to be had.

So, I thought I was rather clever. I whipped out the camera and had the boy take a few pictures of the hair so I could see what I was up against. It didn't really work. It just kind of illustrated that I need a haircut or some frizz tamer or something.

I can now say the back of my head is well documented. Can you?

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