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Monday, March 10, 2003


well. i think i found a wedding dress.

it's nothing like what i thought i'd end up in. at all. i won't describe it here because certain boys don't want to hear anything about it. once i have my real life back, i'm going to post a link to it so that, if certain boys don't want to see it, they need not click.

the best part is...it was on the 50% off rack. the even better best part is...i was happy with the marked down price already, and when i was leaving, the lady said, "jana, you know that it's 50% off of the MARKED DOWN price, right?"

I caused a scene in the store with my "WHAT?!?!?!" not only is the dress pretty, but it really appeals to my bargain shopper frugal self. which is good.

Jana's going to graduate on time. (!) my committee chair approved the buying of the plane tickets tonight.

i'm on my second glass of celebratory wine and the chebe bread is in the oven.

life is good.

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