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Friday, March 21, 2003


It's funny. Just as I'm rounding the corner on one big life event, I start having nightmares about the next one.

The other night I had the same crazy "aack, it's my wedding day and nothing is ready" dream I've had before. Only this time, I had the extra benefit of KNOWING how hard it is to get into my dress. It was like the keystone kops. There were people running around (thank you 'my big fat greek wedding' for affecting my nightmares) and bridesmaids were getting caught up in the dress with me. Mothers waved their arms frantically. Of course I spilled lots of coffee.**

Oh, yes, I also had to find a caterer that day (you know, for the wedding that night). And, the flowers from the grocery store (i remembered to take the cellophane off in this version of the dream) actually looked nice enough for me to consider this as a possibility.

Last night's dreams were not as funny...colored with images from the news. I know better than to fall asleep watching war coverage.

**the boy accuses me of enforcing ownership or claim over something by "marking" it with spilled coffee. mostly his shirts. and him.

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