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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

drawing the line  

my sleep deprivation, while good for wedding gown shopping, is not so good for the dealing with the compliments from the old men patients. yesterday, a patient said this:

"i appreciate your what you did today. you are very good at what you do...very complete and thoughtful. and on top of that, you are very attractive"

i snapped a little bit and told him 'well, that was inappropriate' and promptly ended our appointment (which was over anyway). usually i can put up with it because these old veterans are from an entirely different world. i'm sure he thought 'what a nice complement to give'. quite frankly, it doesn't happen as often as you'd think with the old men coming to a clinic that is staffed almost entirely by younger women. but, he was unfortunate enough to be the THIRD guy in a row to say something dumb like that and he caught my wrath. before he left the clinic, he wrote out a note, in his shaky old man handwriting, and insisted that it be given to me immediately. it said

"Mrs. Jana, please accept my apology for my inappropriate comment just now. you are a professional woman and should not be subjected to comments like that. it won't happen again. apologetically yours, xxxx"

It made me laugh hysterically. It made me cry a little bit.

It made me wish i saved the wrath for my next patient (he that told me I could blow in his ear and he'd follow me anywhere).

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