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Monday, February 10, 2003

wow. she's not complaining...  

for the first time in a while now, i feel like this whole finishing thing might actually happen. i had a good night. i gave myself permission to not freak out over analyzing and composing and did the brainless work of setting my references in order.

i have to say that my friend natalie is my current superstar hero. she lent me some software called EndNote. it sat unused on my desk for weeks and weeks until tonight. this thing is amazing. i've always hated the crazy-dumb rules of APA. this will pull all the necessary info right off of a PubMed search and deposit it into a perfect, error-free reference page. what would have easily taken me two or three nights of stress and frustration was reduced to a few hours with a glass (or two) of wine. my reference page, at this point, is at 78 articles and counting....

another happy thing is that the boy, who is currently working towards his Master of Fine Arts in lighting design for the theatre, has a show up right now. he used the new digital cameral for his portfolio shots and they turned out really well.

look. see how good he is?

(the picture is actually clearer than this, but the shrinky-ness made it a little wierd...you get the idea)

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