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Monday, February 24, 2003


I'm starting to feel like this site has become an exercise in documenting the downward spiral. As I read back through the last few weeks, I'm realizing it wouldn't even make a good after school special. It's just an overwhelmed girl, bitching. A lot.

I'll make the same promise here that I recently made to a few of my friends. I will be an amazing woman after this crap is over with. I will be friendly to all people, including small children. When the fog has lifted, I will seek to do good works, make people laugh, or at least make them really good mixed cds. I will eat all my vegetables and remember to take my medicine and have fewer french-fry-lunches. I will start wearing mascara again on mondays because there won't be the threat of the "weekly lunchtime breakdown" that comes directly after the "monday e-mail of Dooooooom" from my committee chair. I may even floss my teeth.

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