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Sunday, February 23, 2003


I took advantage of the short respite that I get in between the time where I send off a version of my crap paper and the time where my committee chair emails me back saying, "yep, its still crap"....I went shopping for a wedding dress. This is a horrible experience. I'm far too thrifty to put myself in the bridal industry's mindset. You know, the one where its perfectly okay to charge $1500 for a big white polyester dress. I had one of these dresses on today that had "little bitty" flowers along the waistline that were awful. I had the saleslady look to see how easy it would be to have a seamstress take them off and, well, it wouldn't be hard. She pulled a little bit on one of them to see how it was stitched and it popped right off. THE FLOWERS WERE GLUED ON...NOT STITCHED. Incredible. I understand that if I go in for this kind of traditional big-dress from the big-dress-stores, that I'm going to be wearing the most expensive dress I'll ever wear, but I'll be damned if I'll buy a dress for over even $100 that involves any amount of hot glue. I can get better quality at TJ Maxx.

Hmmm. TJ Maxx.

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