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Saturday, January 04, 2003


We're thinking of using a cheesecake as a possible gluten-free alternative for the wedding cake. Hank's Cheesecakes are based out of St Louis and are supposed to be really great...and they do have wedding-y ones.

I'm still not completely sold on "the cake-to-end-all-cakes" tradition. If I can't eat cake in my daily life, why should it have such a big part of the celebration? Maybe I'm just grumpy because its an extra step in the whole wedding planning for me and my gluten-freedom. Makes me feel even more "high maintenance" than I already know myself to be.

Did I mention that I was grumpy? And sick, too. I'm sick. Froat hurts and squeaky voice. And, although my fingers are still working fine on the keyboard, I've been using it as a dumb excuse not to work on my dissertation. Dumb excuses don't tend to hold up when the 4 am panic attacks come a'callin'. Sweet dreams.

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