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Wednesday, January 29, 2003


My amazing cousin, who first lost her mom, her daughter, then another daughter to cancer, was taken herself today.

She always looked delicate, so thin you'd swear a strong breeze would knock her over, but she was one of the strongest people I'd ever come across. A survivor. She, even at the height of her own illness, always asked after me and my health. A great lady.

I did not know her as well as I should have. Its hard not to be a collector of regrets like these as you get older.

This has been a true day of perspective.

"Where I am going I have never been before, and since I have no destination that I know, where I am going is always where I am. When I come to good resting places, I rest. I rest whether I am tired or not because the places are good. Each one is an arrival. I am where I have been going. While I rest, a piece of the world's work is continuing here without my help."
-Wendell Berry (The Journey's End)

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