(not) not my dissertation

Sunday, December 15, 2002


So I've finally hit that "oh shit" moment with the dissertation thing. Its the motivation I've been waiting for. I kept telling myself I work better under pressure, well...I got my wish.

Its coming slowly, but poorly.

Actually, it not that bad. It makes my brain hurt and I want to kill kill kill the APA for their dumb citation guidelines, but its going.

So the thought hit me that I'll likely be defending this son of a gun here before too long. Although I do fairly well in front of crowds, the idea of defending this piece of poo is giving me ulcers...many bleedy ulcers. So, I found this list of ideas of what not to do while defending....I think its a good start. One of my favorites is "challenge one of the professors to a duel". That comes just below saying "ok - who farted?"...and I might just use that "duck duck goose" idea for an icebreaker...what do you think?

And only those wearing silly hats can ask questions...

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