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Monday, December 23, 2002


Just got all the Christmas shopping done...all of it...in 2 hours...all at Mall of the Bluffs in Council-tucky (council bluffs, IA). You silly people with your high falootin' "planning ahead" and "thoughtfulness"....Ha! I admit, some of the presents are a little wierd. I got my mom a book about feng shui in response to a conversation we had the other day about using feng shui in her newly redecorated living room. As I was wrapping it, the synapses started working again and I realized that I'm not altogether sure we had that conversation. Its very unlike my mom to even know what something like feng shui is. It might have been with one of my coworkers two days prior. Or I may have just made it up. I hate it when I act as if the conversations in my head have actually occurred. I suppose now she will have the opportunity to learn. I'll be waiting with the camera to record the reaction when she opens it.

Have you ever actually listened to the string of nonsense "profanity" shouted by the father in the movie "A Christmas Story"? It usually washes over me in the way its supposed to...no identifiable cursing, but the point gets across. Last night the boy and my brother and I caught a bit of what he says...we've been shouting "MUNDANE NOODLE"! all day.

Life on the hog farm is pretty isolated. Its a good 45 minute drive to get anywhere. Its also completely wild out here. There's nothing that can be done to control some of the wildnerness from coming into the house. The basement where the TV is has 'cricket season' and 'spider season'. I'm still squeamish, but getting better. My three step-sisters, pro-farm girls, are used to the bugs. In fact they all still call the weird beetle-looking basement bugs "george bugs" because, when they were little, they asked their dad what those bugs were called and he said "george". They were all well into their teens before they realized they'd overgeneralized.

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