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Friday, December 06, 2002


I was thinking about halloween costumes again (i know...but I've got a long commute). It seemed like, when I was a kid, there were some common stand-by costumes that were fairly easy to throw together the day of. Hippie, cowboy, clown, creepy bloody child, etc. I think a lot of these are still standards, but what I remember dressing up as, on at least three occasions, was a HOBO. I don't think you see so many hobo costumes these days. What was it about the mid ''80s that made it okay to essentially dress your child up like a homeless person? I remember one elementary school party where there were a band of us, all wearing our dad's old button up work shirts with black stubbly 5 'o'clock shadows on our faces and the sticks with the red bandana pouch thing. The morning commute epiphany was less about costumes and more about the fact that I'd not thought about Hobos in a while.

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