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Wednesday, December 11, 2002


I don't use the elevators at the hospital where I work. I've been stuck in one of them before. So...I take the stairs down 5 flights twice a day. I'm obviously not the only one with the elevator fear because there is usually someone else going down...veeeerrrrry sllllloooowwwly right in front of me. Today, I was pleased to see that my stairwell companion was a distinguished looking gentleman of about 55 wearing a suit and a long black trench coat. He was skipping down the stairs in front of me at a faster pace than even I usually manage.

The cool part was, its kind of windy in the stairwell and each time he turned the corner, his trench coat flew out behind him like a cape. He was enjoying it. He was grinning.

You could totally tell he was thinking about superman.

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