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Tuesday, November 12, 2002



On my way home, I managed a very good impulse buy...I got a Tortilla Press like this! It was HALF the price advertised on the link and I also got a GIGANTOR bag of masa harina (aren't mom & pop urban grocers the best?)

An impulse buy temptation I managed to resist: Remember me not cleaning the fish tank? Well, I was VERY close to buying another larger fish tank last night. The rationalization was that it would be less algae prone and prettier and I could get more and better fish. Also, I wouldn't have to clean the one currently in my living room... Then I remembered, "oh yeah, i really dont' like that fish. Its big buggy see-through eyes freak me out. the whole damn thing was brian's project. i'm a cat person". End of the long and not interesting story? I have green crap under my fingernails from just cleaning the fish tank of doom. Guh.

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