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Sunday, November 03, 2002


Sorry so long to post but I've been hosting Brian's youngest sister this week (he's been extremely busy with school/shows). There's just nothing like entertaining a 23 year old to make you feel really tired and lame. I was so out of ideas by the last day (today) I nearly made her go on a Ride the Ducks of Seattle tour...a very cheesy tour involving an amphibious automobile and LOTS of duck related jokes and music. Lucky for her, our schedule didn't permit tody.

Anyway, on more wedding related business...I'm starting to get a little freaked out about the wedding stuff. We've just recently passed the one year and counting mark (right when all of those frightening wedding planners say you should go ahead and start actually doing stuff). It is really hard to plan when you have no idea of your budget. But...if I had a million dollars and didn't have a nearly crippling sense of responsibility and perspective...
The City Museum is where we'd have the event. Its a really amazing museum downtown St. Louis with glass blowing and rescued gargoyles and caves you can crawl around in (there are parts of this cave thing that you simply cannot squeeze into as a fully grown adult...the openings are just too small). Its really wonderful and the wedding pictures on the link evoke the feeling of WHIMSY which we keep saying to ourselves is so much of what we want. But...alas...it is really freaking expensive. I'm not ruling it out altogether because it just might be something I could justify as the focus and cut back other places. I think it would be so neat to be in that environment that day. Much fun and climbing (i'm not too concerned about ruining a dress I'll never wear again...especially in the interest of crazy cave exploring).

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