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Saturday, November 16, 2002


Salmonella Sally

We are having my dad and stepmom up for Thanksgiving dinner this year. It will be the third time I've roasted a turkey before and the first time its been for anyone I'd really really feel bad if I poisoned. Both my previous feasts have been big hits in my mind, but I'm already getting a bit of a complex about this year's turkey. So, in addition to buying a meat thermometer, I will be Brining My Turkey. This one is a new one for me (although apparently martha and epicurious talked about it AGES ago, darling). The idea of a large bird soaked in salt-water really scares me a lot, but all that I've read says this is the only way to go.

By the way, not to turn this into a cooking blog, but the tortillas of a few nights ago were really great. Two cups corn flour (masa harina) to one cup water pressed then heated (no oil) in a pan on each side for about a minute. Right after I took them out of the pan, I was a little worried, because they didn't seem very bendy for soft tacos. But, all I did was keep them under a towel while I was preparing their friends and they sort of steamed each other. It made my kitchen smell like a really great mexican restaurant. Will have to do fish tacos with brian's mom's pico de gallo next time. mmm.

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