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Sunday, November 24, 2002


My brother and I were doing our googlisms today. One of our favorites was "Jana is known for her fascintation with collecting stuffed wombat toys and her nicknames are guarma and sticks". It sparked this conversation:

Jana: wombats are cool
Chris: wombats.....I never knew this side of you
Jana: what do wombats look like?
Chris: badgers
Jana: little monkey bat creatures are coming to mind...but i'm just making that up
Chris: taz devils
Jana: oh...right
Chris: badgers...not so much...
Jana: monkey-bats
Chris: Monkey bats is a pretty good description....take away the primate features and wings and there you have it...they lack opposable thumbs
Jana: too bad
Chris: so they can't flush the toilet
Jana: so inconsiderate
Chris: if I could get a wombat to use the toilet...I would call it a victory and forgive the non-flush
Jana: i suppose

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