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Friday, October 25, 2002


Neatest thing to happen to me (so far) as an audiologist:

Had an old patient of mine come in the other day and say he wanted to thank me. The background is, I saw him for the first time many months ago and he was having a very hard time (on top of a whopper hearing loss). He has Primary Progressive MS (the really really nasty kind) and was not in treatment because its too expensive. He was also suffering from some serious depression, for obvious and not so obvious reasons. Anyway, as a fellow MSer (i'm always compelled to share my diagnosis with my patients who have the same...its probably crossing some clinician/patient line, but...) I made a couple of calls to get him started in the MS clinic through the hospital. It was kind of difficult because its not very often a fancy pants neurologist gets several insistent phone calls from a student audiologist. Ends up, he got into the very intensive inpatient program and is doing MUCH better, physically and mentally. He said, "I just wanted to make sure you know how grateful I am for what you did. You just might have saved a life". That was cool.

Neatest thing I've seen (so far) in an ear as an audiologist:

Something called "gentian violet". Its a treatment used to treat fungal ear infections. When the patient doesn't warn you that he's just received this treatment and you look into his ear expecting to see the normal stuff and see this amazing glowing purple/blue color...well...it kind of takes your breath away. Never seen it before and I was glad I was able to restrain myself from yelling "dear god, what the...!??!!??". That was also cool.

Quite a week in the world of the hearing girl.

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