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Saturday, October 05, 2002


The funny thing about wedding planning with me: I just realized that the one aspect I've changed my mind on the most so far is the damn table centerpeices. Isn't that weird?!?! Shouldn't I be concerned about food/dresses/where the hell its going to be? What does this say about me...

Ideas that have been committed to, then promplty ditched...

*Simple candles (far FAR too easy...but that many open flames can be a bit scary for a not graceful girl drapped in toulle or some other equally flammable material)
*Live goldfish in bowls underlit by some fancy Brian contraption (visions of some of B's friends re-living their Frat Party days...eeek)
*Harvest Veggies (a lot of harvest veggies are kind of gross...like those squash that look like monkey butts...)
*Pumpkins carved with table numbers (I love this idea...but i'm really worried about the stank...and the wilting...and the rotting...)

So...the latest incarnation will be...paper lanterns...surrounded by, um, leaves? maybe..
I like these square lanterns...maybe we could do both round and square. I don't think we'll be able to hang anything from the ceiling, so we'll just prop them
Also, to avoid the aformentioned fire thing, maybe those cheesy push lights or some equally battery operated device inside instead. I'll have to start experimenting.

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